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Ui Mentor Training
Noosa AUS, Feb 8-12
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Ui DNA Healer
Noosa AUS, Feb 15-16
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Ui Business Mentoring

Ui Business Mentor
Noosa AUS, Feb 29-Mar 2
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Ui Trainer’s Training
Noosa AUS, Feb 22-26
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Learn to harness 100% of your brain as you access Universal Intelligence (Ui). Ui is: Upgraded intuition to access the Universe’s internet, for Unlimited inspiration, Untapped insights, Unmatched iQ. U & i Accessing One Infinite Mind, the SuperConscious Mind

Universal Intelligence Explained

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Will LOVE Ui Mentor Training

Find out what you have to look forward to when doing the Ui Mentor Training – its out of this world!

What is Universal Intelligence?

Hear Daniel, Author “The ALL KNOWING Diary” explain Ui and our true capabilities as human beings

Daniel Explains & Demonstrates Ui

Live event with Daniel explaining how Ui is the next evolution in helping yourself and in life coaching and counselling.

Unlock Human Potential – The SuperConscious Vs Subconscious Mind

In this groundbreaking speech, Daniel explains the role of the Conscious Mind, Subconscious Mind and the SuperConscious Mind?

The Greatest Life Coach In The World Is IN YOU!

Are you looking for a new career, or wanting to upgrade your current coaching skills to Ui (Universal Intelligence)? Become

Ui Explained In Brief

Hear Daniel sum up Ui Frequencies in under 2mins, which is  quite an achievement for Daniel. He has a lot