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We exist in an infinite field of intelligence – Universal Intelligence – that sustains all life.
It contains secrets, breakthrough knowledge and life-changing wisdom.


“I now understand that everything in our Universe is intelligent, knowing energy. Like an internet beyond our comprehension, the Universe contains answers to every question and solutions to every problem. Now I have access to this ‘all knowing’, to Universal Intelligence!”


“I have come to understand that as we are all part of nature, we too have a purpose – one that uplifts and fulfills us, but also contributes something profound to the world. Universal Intelligence has shown me what my life purpose is and how to live it. The best part is, knowing and living your life purpose is the secret recipe to success on Earth. Universal Intelligence supports those that support the whole. Universal Intelligence is Truth.”


“I’ve never known the best decisions to make. The human mind finds it difficult to see into the future, to know what decisions will lead to the best outcomes. Universal Intelligence is all time, it knows all outcomes. Universal Intelligence guides me to making the right decisions in every area of my life. It never fails me, where my mind often did.”


“The more connected I become to Universal Intelligence, the more incredible my ideas get. Universal Intelligence is an infinite imagination beyond our own. It is pure creativity. All the designs found in nature – the colors, textures and flavors were created by Universal Intelligence. I have experienced that when you become one with Universal Intelligence, you become one with this infinite creativity and I’m loving it! Universal Intelligence is nature, our nature.”


“Universal Intelligence not only guides me to making safe and healthy decisions in life, but shows me how to prevent serious illness and how to cure it. From headaches to insomnia and even cancer, Universal Intelligence has helped me to see the root-cause behind these symptoms and then how to cure them – I just have to be open to hearing it! I wouldn’t be here without Universal Intelligence.”


“I have learned that the Mind is our past and if allowed, it will keep creating versions of our past into the present and future. Universal Intelligence is an intelligence beyond the mind, so it creates new and fresh moments that expand me, nourish and heal me.”

Access The Intelligence Of The Universe Directly Into Your Brain

Your Journey Begins…


Based on the life-changing book by Daniel Rechnitzer: “Mind Lies – And The Truths That Will Set You Free,” this 2-day program is designed to give you the ultimate tool to manifesting your life from a space of truth and abundance. By developing a connection with Universal Intelligence, your ‘Inner Genius’ or Higher Self, you will discover your life purpose, the blueprint which enables you to live your life to the fullest and create success and fulfillment. Your inner knowing will give you step-by-step instructions on how to progress forward on your life purpose path. Discover the untapped talents and gifts at your core and harness the genius within to give you the ultimate power over your own life – making you unstoppable.


  • Still your mind, to stop the monkey-mind chatter
  • Clear away your ‘internal saboteur’
  • Infuse self-belief, to create from a pure space
  • Connect clearly with your Higher Self / Inner Wisdom for guidance, answers to all your questions, creativity and idea generation
  • Clear your self-limiting belief systems and childhood patterns that hold you back
  • Discover and delve deep into your life purpose
  • Explore the energy of your life purpose business
  • Create a variety of ways you can grow your life purpose business that resonate with you and are a joy to implement
  • Find within you the beingness to bring abundance into your life, allowing Universal flow to take you effortlessly forward, leaving behind struggle, doubt and societal belief systems

“After years of struggling, years of debt and making the wrong decisions, we stopped seeking answers and guidance from everyone else and looked inward. What we found was astonishing – a sublime intelligence within us all, that we can ALL tap into!”

Sonja Rechnitzer, Co-Founder and CEO, Universal Intelligence.


Melbourne: July 29-30, 9am-1pm

Online: September 11, 12, 14 & 15, 11am-1pm (BNE, Australia time)
Online: September 10, 11, 13 & 14, 6-8pm (Los Angeles, USA time)

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No prerequisites. We do advise that you have read and integrated the Truths contained within the MIND LIES book and highly recommend you read and complete the exercises in The ALL KNOWING Diary after attending.


$350 per person (EARLY BIRD until 30 June, 2017; after that $500)


This is our Self-Mastery program. Twenty years in the making, TWELVE brings you the biggest Universal Intelligence breakthroughs and the most advanced personal development training in the world.

The Twelve Realizations will enable you to expand far beyond the mind’s view of reality. Each realization works at the subconscious level, healing the mind of what is untrue and removing past belief systems that are holding you back. You will be taken far beyond who you see yourself to be, opening yourself to Twelve extraordinary new abilities. You become a true master of your own life – awake, aware and unstoppable!

This program is about connecting to your Truth, to have you return to your infinite nature where fulfillment, self-love, success and happiness are ever-present.

TWELVE is everything you have searched for, taking you beyond the quantum age and giving you so much more than you ever thought possible. On this journey, you will discover beyond the mind abilities, a SuperConscious existence where the impossible becomes your everyday reality.

You Will Learn Twelve Out Of This World Essential Abilities:

  1. How To Create Instant Meditative Stillness In The Mind
  2. How To Re-Program The Sub-Conscious Mind
  3. How To Access Infinite Genius, Your SuperConscious Self
  4. How To Prevent And Heal Illness And Disease In Your Body
  5. How To Remove Old And Painful Memories
  6. How To Rediscover And Nurture Self-Love
  7. How To Live Your Life Purpose And Be Unstoppable
  8. How To Manifest True Prosperity In Your Life
  9. How To See People’s True Intentions – Friend or Foe?
  10. How To Protect Yourself From Negative Energy And Jealousy
  11. How To See Multiple Realities To Make The Best Decisions
  12. How To See The Future – Elevating Beyond Time Itself

There is a secret to happiness, and it is called TWELVE.

The only question is: Are you ready for greatness?


We teach a LIVE Training – in person or ONLINE.  Click For Dates


LIVE Training runs over 5 days in Noosa Heads, Australia.
Online Training includes 5 x 4 hour webinars


You can complete the “Go Beyond The Mind To Discover Your Life Purpose Event” as a lead-up to TWELVE. However, this material will be revisited during the TWELVE program. We do advise that you have read and integrated the Truths contained within the MIND LIES book and highly recommend you have read and completed the exercises in The ALL KNOWING Diary.


By Appointment Only! When you click on a button below you will be able schedule your phone call with our Admissions Director. Her role is to discover whether this advanced program is a good fit for you. Please ensure you honor this appointment, as you may not get a second due to high demand.


If you are looking to save the lives of those you love, to start an incredible new career, or to take your current skills to EXTRAORDINARY new heights, then Ui MASTERY is for you!

Have you ever wanted to help someone and not had all the answers? Have you ever been frustrated at how long it can take to get to the root of a problem or issue? Have you ever been concerned about misleading someone in an important life decision? If Yes, then it is time you went beyond the mind.

Welcome to Ui MASTERY – where you get to access all the answers for others at the speed of thought. When we tune into Universal Intelligence for answers, we are tuning into a sublime intelligence, an all-wise, all-knowing intelligence far beyond the human intellect and far beyond any psychology or NLP training. With Universal Intelligence there is no hit and miss, no trial and error – just hitting the nail on the head every time. If you truly want to make a difference to others, personally or professionally, Ui MASTERY is for you!

People from all walks of life require direction, wisdom and the right answers to make the best possible decisions is life. Universal Intelligence is Truth. People need Truth. It has been the missing ingredient in all our lives, without us ever realizing it.  Without Truth we struggle, our health deteriorates, our relationships crumble and our finances go to ruin.

Our life is an unfolding of Truth. From one experience to the next, we are all on the journey of learning our greater Truth. Aches, pain, illness and disease are all symptomatic of non-truths present in our life and body. Wherever there is struggle in life, there is an absence of Truth. The fastest way to heal any struggle in our life—be it physical, financial, in business, or even in the economy — is to heal the non-truths present.

Our inner reality is reflected in our outer reality.

Bring Truth To The World… It’s What The World Needs Now!

Truth in the simplest of terms is ‘what works’. Since early on in our lives, we have adopted other people’s versions of what our reality consists of. We have believed what others say about us and now we are left with many inaccurate perceptions – non-truths – about our lives and ourselves. Our bodies reflect non-truths, as do our life experiences. If Truth is ‘what works’, then non-truth is ‘what does not work.’ Wherever you are experiencing struggle and hardship, there is a non-truth in your concept of reality. Imagine being able to give the gift of Truth to your family, friends and clients – it may just save their life.

This is a rare training opportunity that gives you a unique skill-set that EVERYONE needs…

to be a vessel of Truth. You learn to be the guiding light, drawing on infinite intelligence, accessing Truth to propel people’s lives forward. Help others become limitless. Go beyond the intellect into an awareness where all the answers exist. Begin to make a profound difference on this Earth.

Access the beyond the mind abilities that Daniel and his team use to create instantaneous results. Heal the mind to heal lives!

Transform the lives of leaders, children, parents, teachers, business people, athletes and the unwell. Best of all, get to help yourself to be your True Self in the process.


Demonstration 1

Demonstration 2

Watch More Demonstrations On Video Page.


Infinite Answers At Your Fingertips
“Coaching and mentoring this way is effortless for me! No more exhausting sessions, no more thinking laboriously to find the best possible solutions, no more worrying about misguiding somebody. Instead, I receive and then relay essential guidance to my client.”

It Is Intuition At Its Best!
“I receive answers, guidance and wisdom straight into my thoughts, as if my brain comprises both the wireless antenna and Google. Universal Intelligence, or Ui, is the ‘Universal internet’, where all answers can be found.”

Get Results Fast!
“As a psychologist, it has taken session after session to get to the heart of the problem. With Universal Intelligence I get shown the cause and solution in a feeling, or in a strong and clear message. All this occurs in minutes, sometimes seconds.”

No More Hit And Miss!
“No more trial and error or hit and miss! I transform a client’s life with every interaction I have!”

Access The Cause Of Illness
“With Universal Intelligence, my client’s body speaks to me. The body’s intelligence communicates what thoughts and beliefs are causing illness, aging and disease in the body – it’s amazing! Perceiving illness and its remedy in another is the greatest gift!”

It Is About Their Truth, Not My Opinions
“My sessions are not about my opinions or ‘expertise’, but more about my discipline to step out of the way and let Universal Intelligence speak through me.”

Make A World Of Difference
“I have always wanted to make a difference in this world, but I was stopped by the thoughts: “What difference can I make?” Now I know that when I deliver Truth, it changes the lives of every person I speak to and everyone they speak to! One flame can light a million candles!”

Help Anyone, Anytime
“There are so many courses and degrees that cost thousands more than this training, giving you a fraction of the skills, to only work with a select few. Armed with Universal Intelligence, I get to help people of all walks of life, within all areas of their life. I get to help parents be more loving, kids to overcome fears and learning difficulties and much, much more. Each day I can’t wait to see who I get to help next.”


Day 1 – A Safe Space

How do you help others without hurting yourself?  There are many MIND LIES associated with wanting to help others, that end up causing us harm and affecting those we are helping. So what is the Truth for you? How do you change lives and make a real difference to yourself and others? Find out in this amazing day of training!

Day 2 – Beyond Their Mind

Learn how to clear people’s resistances to growth and healing in just minutes. Go beyond the physical to perceive the inner workings of someone’s subconscious mind and pinpoint the root-cause of their struggle, stagnation or illness. Create powerful change quickly and easily.

Day 3 – The Truth Within

When you go beyond the mind, you access the source of all answers, the source of Truth for another human being. Master this space, harness it for the exact solutions, cures and paths to fulfillment, health and self-love. Let the answers flow through you as the ‘humble messenger’.

Day 4 – Practice, Practice, Practice

What a fun and exhilarating day this is! It is when you get to practice all your amazing new abilities on real life cases in the safety and comfort of the training room. Make a profound difference to people, as Universal Intelligence provides you with answers to curing illness, the discovery of people’s life purpose, solutions to business blockages, or financial or relationship issues. Experience yourself as a true success, ready to get out there and help people in the real world!

Day 5 – Success Out In The World

It is time to overcome all your fears, anxieties and blockages to be out in the world with the most amazing ability there is – Ui MASTERY. Learn how to share your amazing gifts with loved ones, or how to make a successful business delivering Truth, guidance and answers as a new, fulfilling career living your higher life purpose. No more holding back, BE the difference the world needs now!


We teach LIVE Trainings, in person and ONLINE.  Click For Dates


LIVE Training runs over 5 days in Noosa Heads, Australia.
Online Training includes 5 x 4 hour webinars


TWELVE, MIND LIES and  The ALL KNOWING Diary, and we highly recommend you attend TRUTH (50 weeks with Daniel).


Bundle with TWELVE, DNA Healer, Ui Business Mentor, or  Ui Trainer.


DNA Healer, Ui Business Mentor, Ui Senior Mentor, Ui Trainer.


By Appointment Only! When you click on a button below you will be able schedule your phone call with our Admissions Director. Her role is to discover whether this advanced program is a good fit for you. Please ensure you honor this appointment, as you may not get a second due to high demand.


Working with our own DNA sounds like futuristic science fiction. But unknown to many, DNA was designed to evolve and respond to our every thought, our every intention (without the need for a laboratory). Unfortunately, over time we have neglected to focus enough inside to have such awareness. And so our bodies suffer unnecessarily with illness. As the old adage goes: “If you do not go within, you go without.”

The work we do at Universal Intelligence Group has taught us that DNA is the very basis of our consciousness and it wants us to evolve. Within this DNA Intelligence are the secrets to mastering healing – for yourself and to help others. All the mysteries of the human body and how to rise above illness can be accessed through DNA.

Whilst our bodies are designed perfectly to heal themselves of practically any symptom, the human mind has not yet evolved to the point of allowing this to be our reality. In this training, we will heighten your awareness to perceive the inner workings of DNA itself. With this ability comes a whole new level of healing capability and transformation abilities, that go beyond the constraints and beliefs of the mind, beyond ‘hereditary’ illness.

This program is a must for those that desire to be an unstoppable Self-Healer and a must for those wanting to transform lives by helping others experience ‘miraculous’ healing. This program is also perfect for those who seek next-level growth and multidimensional awareness, unrelated to healing.

The Ui DNA Healer training will have you rise above even your most lofty visions of what is possible for you. You will work with the very Intelligence that manifests our species’ evolution. You become unstoppable, able to action next-phase human evolution in the now!

“A DNA Healer learns a new language: the language of light, healing and Truth. Use the highest frequencies available on the planet to heal at lightening speed. Activate your Inner Healer, activate your DNA.”

Pamela Stephens, Advanced DNA Trainer.


We teach a LIVE Training – in person or ONLINE.  Click For Dates


LIVE Training runs over 3 days in Noosa Heads, Australia.
Online Training includes 3 x 4 hour webinars


TWELVE & Ui MASTERY (and of course the MIND LIES book and  The ALL KNOWING Diary).


Bundle with TWELVE,  Ui Mastery or Ui Trainer.


Ui Senior Mentor and Ui Trainer.


By Appointment Only! When you click on a button below you will be able schedule your phone call with our Admissions Director. Her role is to discover whether this advanced program is a good fit for you. Please ensure you honor this appointment, as you may not get a second due to high demand.


We are taking you back to being a clean slate – less mind, ALL YOU.

This transformational program operates deep at the subconscious level, healing Mind Lies into Truths. It requires simply listening and being present to the Truths Daniel brings to light.

Each week we will be exploring a different facet of your life, healing the countless needs, attachments and fears limiting who you are. We will delve deep, unveiling untapped truths about your real identity, concepts of success and failure, self-love, self-rejection, generosity and receiving. This is unlike anything we have ever taught before, we are going deeper than we have ever gone before.

No prior training is required, however we do advise that you have read and integrated the Truths contained within the MIND LIES book and highly recommend you have read and completed the exercises in The ALL KNOWING Diary.

Structured over 50 weeks, Daniel will help clear some of the most unreachable and hidden Mind Lies holding you back, helping you to evolve gently but at light-speed.


Truth in:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Creating Financial Flow
  • Letting Go Of Attachments
  • How Others See You
  • How You Perceive Life And Death
  • Letting Go Of Painful Memories
  • Making Truth-Based Decisions
  • Being Unwavering In Your Truth
  • Knowing And Living Your Life Purpose
  • Helping Others You Love
  • Relationships With Others
  • Healing Yourself From The Past
  • Accessing Your Whole Brain
  • Letting Go Of The Mind, To Exist As Truth

“If you LOVED Daniel’s life-altering book ‘MIND LIES’, then this will take you to a whole new level.”
MIND LIES is available now on Amazon


There are two time-slots to choose from:

Option 1:
Every Wednesday 1pm – 2pm BNE time AEST, which is Tuesday  at 8pm – 9pm Los Angeles PST

Convert to your time zone


Option 2:
Every Wednesday  7pm – 8pm BNE time AEST, which is Wednesday  9am – 10am London time

Convert to your time zone 


By Appointment Only! When you click on a button below you will be able schedule your phone call with our Admissions Director. Her role is to discover whether this advanced program is a good fit for you. Please ensure you honor this appointment, as you may not get a second due to high demand.  


The Truth About Money  Recording Click Here!

What Is Universal Intelligence?

Everything Is Thought. Thought Is A Frequency And Your Brain Is The Receiver!

Did You Know…? You Are A Genius!

It is the Truth! It is just that very few have ever been taught how to use their brain correctly.

As a result, people use their mind instead of their brain! The mind is more like a hard-drive, consisting of your past and playing old records over and over again. It remembers the old rather than accessing the new and infinite.The mind limits the brain’s true capabilities through its beliefs about what is possible and what is not. Your brain, on the other hand,  is truly infinite and when used correctly, can be likened to an antenna or wireless internet, able to access information far beyond the mind, far beyond what you consciously know. You may call this your sixth sense, ESP or even clairvoyance. But in truth, it’s the brain’s true purpose – to be infinite! Anything less is a complete misunderstanding!

Have you ever thought of a friend and moments later they phoned? Have you walked into a house and felt a vibe? How is this possible? We live in a world of energy frequencies – sound waves, light waves and so on. But the most important and also most ignored frequency of them all is THOUGHT, emanating from everyone. Like a mini radio antenna, our brain broadcasts this frequency. But more importantly, it also picks up on this frequency, able to feel and perceive all kinds of thoughts.

Your brain is built to receive information frequencies (or energy). Frequencies are information and the whole Universe is a library of frequencies, a wealth of untapped knowledge and wisdom. Like a giant brain, the Universe knows all there is to know. We call this universal brain Ui, Universal Intelligence, or the SuperConscious Mind.

Accessing Universal Intelligence, which means going ‘beyond the mind’, represents the biggest breakthrough of our time – and we are here to help you master it!

Ui Is…

Unmatched IQ.
To use 100% of your brain is what Universal Intelligence provides, access to infinite Genius that surpasses the mind.

Upgraded intuition
A heightened awareness is what you’ll find, a supreme 6th sense that transcends space and time.

Unlimited inspiration
Limitless creativity is on tap, for those who reach beyond the mind’s trap.

Universe’s internet
Answers to every question, a download from within, from the secrets to healing to how to be thin. Know the impossible, see without time, it’s the ultimate intelligence for us all to mine.

Untapped insights
Here all truth is found, wisdom too, like no other source, for it dwells within you.

Understanding illumination
This is a journey called Enlightenment, to rise above your past discontentment. To see what is real, what is true; to shine your light and see yourself anew!

U & i Accessing One Infinite Mind
Separation and disconnection is untrue, for we are ONE, that is the real and spectacular you!

Ui Training, Founded by Daniel & Sonja Rechnitzer, 2008