What Is Universal Intelligence?

We exist in an infinite field of intelligence – Universal Intelligence – that sustains all life.

It contains secrets, breakthrough knowledge, and life-changing wisdom. It is your SUPERCONSCIOUS Mind.

Everything Is Thought. Thought Is A Frequency And Your Brain Is The Receiver!

Did You Know…? You Are A Genius!

It is the Truth! It is just that very few have ever been taught how to use their brain correctly.

As a result, people use their mind instead of their brain! The mind is more like a hard-drive, consisting of your past and playing old records over and over again. It remembers the old rather than accessing the new and infinite.The mind limits the brain’s true capabilities through its beliefs about what is possible and what is not. Your brain, on the other hand,  is truly infinite and when used correctly, can be likened to an antenna or wireless internet, able to access information far beyond the mind, far beyond what you consciously know. You may call this your sixth sense, ESP or even clairvoyance. But in truth, it’s the brain’s true purpose – to be infinite! Anything less is a complete misunderstanding!

Have you ever thought of a friend and moments later they phoned? Have you walked into a house and felt a vibe? How is this possible? We live in a world of energy frequencies – sound waves, light waves and so on. But the most important and also most ignored frequency of them all is THOUGHT, emanating from everyone. Like a mini radio antenna, our brain broadcasts this frequency. But more importantly, it also picks up on this frequency, able to feel and perceive all kinds of thoughts.

Your brain is built to receive information frequencies (or energy). Frequencies are information and the whole Universe is a library of frequencies, a wealth of untapped knowledge and wisdom. Like a giant brain, the Universe knows all there is to know. We call this universal brain Ui, Universal Intelligence, or the SuperConscious Mind.

Accessing Universal Intelligence, which means going ‘beyond the mind’, represents the biggest breakthrough of our time – and we are here to help you master it!

Ui Is…

Unmatched IQ.
To use 100% of your brain is what Universal Intelligence provides, access to infinite Genius that surpasses the mind.

Upgraded intuition
A heightened awareness is what you’ll find, a supreme 6th sense that transcends space and time.

Unlimited inspiration
Limitless creativity is on tap, for those who reach beyond the mind’s trap.

Universe’s internet
Answers to every question, a download from within, from the secrets to healing to how to be thin. Know the impossible, see without time, it’s the ultimate intelligence for us all to mine.

Untapped insights
Here all truth is found, wisdom too, like no other source, for it dwells within you.

Understanding illumination
This is a journey called Enlightenment, to rise above your past discontentment. To see what is real, what is true; to shine your light and see yourself anew!

U & i Accessing One Infinite Mind
Separation and disconnection is untrue, for we are ONE, that is the real and spectacular you!

Ui Training, Founded by Daniel & Sonja Rechnitzer, 2008



“I now understand that everything in our Universe is intelligent, knowing energy. Like an internet beyond our comprehension, the Universe contains answers to every question and solutions to every problem. Now I have access to this ‘all knowing’, to Universal Intelligence!”


“I have come to understand that as we are all part of nature, we too have a purpose – one that uplifts and fulfills us, but also contributes something profound to the world. Universal Intelligence has shown me what my life purpose is and how to live it. The best part is, knowing and living your life purpose is the secret recipe to success on Earth. Universal Intelligence supports those that support the whole. Universal Intelligence is Truth.”


“I’ve never known the best decisions to make. The human mind finds it difficult to see into the future, to know what decisions will lead to the best outcomes. Universal Intelligence is all time, it knows all outcomes. Universal Intelligence guides me to making the right decisions in every area of my life. It never fails me, where my mind often did.”


“The more connected I become to Universal Intelligence, the more incredible my ideas get. Universal Intelligence is an infinite imagination beyond our own. It is pure creativity. All the designs found in nature – the colors, textures and flavors were created by Universal Intelligence. I have experienced that when you become one with Universal Intelligence, you become one with this infinite creativity and I’m loving it! Universal Intelligence is nature, our nature.”


“Universal Intelligence not only guides me to making safe and healthy decisions in life, but shows me how to prevent serious illness and how to cure it. From headaches to insomnia and even cancer, Universal Intelligence has helped me to see the root-cause behind these symptoms and then how to cure them – I just have to be open to hearing it! I wouldn’t be here without Universal Intelligence.”


“I have learned that the Mind is our past and if allowed, it will keep creating versions of our past into the present and future. Universal Intelligence is an intelligence beyond the mind, so it creates new and fresh moments that expand me, nourish and heal me.”