Discover Your Life Purpose And Create Financial Freedom – 2 Day Workshop

Discover Your Life Purpose And Create Financial Freedom – 2 Day Workshop

June 13, 2017 | Sonja Rechnitzer | Uncategorized


Online: Mar 6, 13 & 20 – 9-11:30am (BNE, Australia time)
Online: Mar 5, 12 & 19 – 3-5:30pm (Los Angeles, USA time)

What You Will Learn

Discover and explore your life purpose, get your feet on the ground by making a step by step plan to implement living your life purpose from now on. In these 2 days you will learn:

Day 1 – Learn the essential tools to living a full life, how to:

  • Still your mind, to stop the monkey-mind chatter and bring peace into your day, or encourage sleep at night
  • Clear away your ‘internal saboteur’, that naughty little voice that tells you: ‘you can’t do that’, ‘you’re not good enough’, ‘you’ll never get it’…
  • Infuse self-belief, so when you are creating something, or receiving guidance from your Higher Self / Inner Wisdom, you have the belief in yourself to hear your messages clearly and act upon them
  • Connect clearly with your Higher Self / Inner Wisdom for guidance, answers to all your questions, creativity and idea generation – instant ‘genius’, on demand
  • Work at the subconscious level to clear your self-limiting belief systems and childhood patterns that hold you back from being everything you can be
  • Discover and delve deep into your life purpose, to gain a full understanding of the meaning of your life, the gift and talents you came into this life with and how you can best apply them to create a shift in your life and the life of others you are here to help – be that adults, children, animals, the environment, the ill…

Day 2 – Create abundance, even financial freedom, by living your life purpose, explore:

  • The energy of your life purpose business – what is it’s higher purpose and how it would like to be treated, so it can effectively grow and support your abundance
  • Your life purpose step-by-step, so you know what to focus on during each phase of your life purpose plan
  • Different ways in which you can help, creating offerings to begin growing your life purpose business
  • Limiting beliefs that hold you back from creating abundance with your life purpose
  • How to communicate your offerings out in the world, that is instantly attractive to those you will find the most interesting and fulfilling to work with
  • A variety of ways you can grow your life purpose business that resonate with you and are a joy to implement
  • The beingness you need to develop in order to allow abundance into your life, allowing Universal flow to take you effortlessly forward, leaving behind struggle, doubt and societal belief systems

This workshop includes 4 Modules, valued at $1,200. Once only in Noosa and ONLINE, it is available for just:


Or set up a $100 per week payment plan:  

(Note: all payments must be completed 1 week prior to workshop commencement)

If you have any further questions, please contact or call 0478 290 368.