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A Day In The Life...

Graduates of The Ui Mentor Training Share Some Of Their Proudest Moments….

It has been only 3 years since I started with Ui, and my daily life as a mentor keeps evolving. What inspired me to become a mentor was to heal others, and I have many instances of doing just that.

People with chronic and so called incurable illnesses such as Fibromyalgia, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Hashimoto’s, and more. It is beyond rewarding to help these people in a way I could not even fathom as possible when I was a Physical Therapist. It still is my favorite kind of session, helping people with illness and pain.

Now that I am a trainer, I am now focusing my attention on mentoring mentors and teaching new mentors. Most of my day is devoted to helping people who are drawn to mentor training get connected and help them see what their beautiful Soul Purpose is.

So now, the best part of my day is waking up, knowing I will make a difference in so many people’s lives, knowing that together our mentor team can create change on the planet, and knowing that all the amazing mentors that we have trained are out there, helping all the people out there that are looking for help like no other- help that comes directly from the Universe!

Pamela Stephens

In business I helped a young Realtor who wanted to increase the number clients who listed their homes with him. His belief was that if he was too aggressive he would be considered impolite. The absolute truth is that by getting people to sign the contract during the first meeting he was actually solving a problem for his clients more quickly and using his time more efficiently. The belief of being impolite came from his childhood. Since our session he has increased the number of listings he gets on the first visit and recently got his first $1,000,000 listing!

It feels great to know I have helped increase my client’s confidence, self-belief, income and other aspects of his life for the rest of his life.

I recently helped a 26 year-old young man realize that being happy with himself is much more valuable than trying to make other people happy with himself. He wrote: “I am a perfectionist and that can cause a lot of anxiety. During my session with Jana she tuned in to Ui and saw that at 3 years-old I learned that if I do well at something, I’ll get praise which in turn felt like getting love. My Limiting Belief was that I am only loved when I perform well. Through our session, she found the truth for me is what matters most is how I feel about myself rather than how other people make me feel about myself. She also cleared two other Limiting Beliefs. Life changing!

Jana Arner

A friend, Angie had told me how her daughter seemed out of sorts since their return from Italy. She left a stressful situation and was uncertain about her future leaving her husband behind in Italy. Angie also had trouble sleeping at night and her baby was very clingy. Every time mom left the room she would cry and fuss until she returned. She was very temperamental which was disconcerting since she was usually a sweet, happy baby.

In just a half hour session I helped clear all the confusion in their space and helped mom realize that the fear was not real on many levels.

By the end of the 30 mins, the baby was running around smiling again and much calmer. That night Angie had her first full night’s sleep in 4 weeks.

Francesca Siciliano

I had a client who had been experiencing back pain for years. In less than 15 minutes into our session, the pain in her lower back was gone, for the first time in years. This reminded me just how easy it is for the body to heal when the truth is presented and resistance to healing is removed.

Tim Watts

As a newly trained Mentor, my most powerful session to date was during my practicals. I was doing a session on a friend who was having some problems with her inner ears. As we entered the session, I discovered it was her missing her Dad, who had passed several years before. She was left feeling unbalanced, and without a firm foundation. She had always relied on him for advice; he was her rock.

During our session I was able to connect to him and pass along some incredibly important messages to her. This was remarkably empowering for both of us. She had been struggling with the loss for many years with no respite. Before, as a friend, all I could do was to be there to listen and offer support while feeling somewhat helpless. As a Mentor, I had access to profound tools and abilities I never thought possible.

I now possess the ability to look at a physical problem and see it with different eyes. But to know for sure, and feel such an astonishingly strong love transcend time and space, is something that’s indescribable.

Lisa Hoffman

Life as a UI mentor is very interesting, supportive and rewarding. I feel that when I am 100% connected to my higher self everything seems to flow easier, and opportunities show up.

What is even better is that I am helping my clients complete transform their lives and create ultimate success, have joy, happiness and fulfillment in different areas of their life.

For instance, several of my clients felt stuck, stagnant and even depressed with the way their career and profession was going. They were operating under the belief that they were not worthy of having, that they were failures and didn't deserve a life of ease and success by clearing all these non-truths and healing core events from childhood that created patterns of self sabotage, they all found the courage, self belief and self trust to launch themselves into new business ventures.

For another of my clients, I helped her make $40K in revenue in 2 weeks by clearing self doubt, clearing her energy and sending her energetic signature to meet with your clients before the actual meeting. We also cleared any reservations from her clients so that they saw the value she was offering.

With another client we healed pain from his relationship, clear resentment, rejection, shame and unworthiness which allow him to show up in his power as a very confident, loving man. By healing and completing past emotionally charged events, he now has clarity and is very centered. He is moving forward with joy, happiness and peace in his heart and is now redefining his relationship.

Maria Martinez

A moment that stands out for me was for a client in Europe. She had severe lack of self-acceptance, self-love, self-worth, self-belief, which was manifesting itself in the form of lots of smoking of cigarettes, eating lots of candy and negative interactions with men.

How did I help? Tuned in and saw the biggest limiting belief: I’m not enough (what I have internally won’t be able to help me cope with life). I helped her clear this and had to go back many generations to see what her ancestors went through. It was a lot of digging!

Result: She feels so much better about herself, more confident, more loving and more calm and at ease with herself.

How did I feel? Really, really proud. Like I’d been given the keys to the inner Universe – there was so much light and truth was shining down at me. It felt like a huge high five from the Universe, like I had helped change the course of her life and ultimately the Universe’s. Very, very cool. 😉

Sherina Lu

Knowledge is the Key, Understanding is the door it opens.
UI gave me both in a such short time. UI gave me a life without worry or concern.
Anything is achievable in my life now.

In my short career as a Ui Mentor I have helped people all over the world to positively change their lives.
The best example is a gentleman whom had a learning disability for more than 40 years.

Sessions conducted over several weeks dissolved the blockage and he remembered some 15 years of his life previously not remembered.

UI is a great for healing people and brilliant for healing relationships too. Simply amazing.

Marcus Payne

The greatest joy is not just helping people of all walks of life to help cure their illness, but to help my own children. To tune into Ui and know in an instant exactly what is at the core of their distress and what they need to be happy, is a real gift.

To be able to rid my children of the limiting and damaging beliefs systems they have accumulated from me, their teachers or the media – to actually transform my children’s future in the here and now – is absolutely priceless to them, to me as a father and the world they are creating as a better place.

Daniel Rechnitzer

Imagine being able to help heal a loved one of severe pain,
or a life threatening illness…

Do you need any more reason than that?