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Mind-Lies-Daniel-Rechnitzer-771x1024The ALL KNOWING Diary

Author: Daniel Rechnitzer

“From Cancer To A Brain That Knows All –
The New Book: ‘THE ALL KNOWING DIARY’ Has Answers For Us All!”

What would you do if you discovered how to cure disease?
Would you leave it alone, or tell the world: “listen please!”
What if you discovered the secret to youth,
Would you shut your mouth, or shout out the truth?


Discover a treasure map to All Knowing. Come along on a profound adventure, uncovering ancient wisdom—the Creator’s Secrets of the universe, life, our interconnection to all things, and how to tap the unimaginable possibilities that lie within each one of us.

Unlock the secrets to life’s purpose, the fountain of youth, cure for illness, soulful relationships, and who are we at our very essence—infinity personified.