Mind-Lies-Daniel-Rechnitzer-771x1024The ALL KNOWING Diary

Author: Daniel Rechnitzer

“From Cancer To A Brain That Knows All –
The New Book: ‘THE ALL KNOWING DIARY’ Has Answers For Us All!”

What would you do if you discovered how to cure disease?
Would you leave it alone, or tell the world: “listen please!”
What if you discovered the secret to youth,
Would you shut your mouth, or shout out the truth?

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What if you discovered why we all struggle, why relationships fail?
Would you hide it from others, or would you tell them the tale?
What if you knew something magical about our brain,
Should you tell the whole world, or know it in vein?
Introducing: Daniel Rechnitzer, the author you see,
Has written a book that solves our biggest mysteries.
“The ALL KNOWING Diary” is the title of this book,
A treasure map to ALL KNOWING, now that’s quite a hook!
An enlightened teacher you know,
Says our brain is ALL KNOWING, not stand-alone.
An insightful author with treasures to share,
From the cure to cancer, to why we feel people stare.
He says our brain is not stand-alone,
But rather an antenna for us all to hone!
We’ve all felt anger in our home,
And thinking of someone before they phone.
And sensing excitement at a sports arena,
He likens our brain to a bee’s antenna!
Whole Brain Intelligence, a new field you see,
An expert is Daniel, in this cutting edge technology!
With whole brain intelligence at their disposal,
His wife Sonja gave birth without any worries.
This occurred with no fear and no pain,
It happens, he says, when you draw on your ALL KNOWING brain.
From cancer to tumours, migraines to our livers,
Our life is a product of our thoughts and fears.
Having healed many people before, and taught them the gift he shares,
Daniel speaks of our subconscious beliefs leaving us unawares.
Beneath the mind we believe,
Lies something magnificent we don’t need to fear.
It’s not the truth that we are “small”,
It’s just self doubt that stops us all!
Follow the wisdom in these pages,
Become part of a journey for sages –
The ALL KNOWING Diary, has gold for all ages!


Discover a treasure map to All Knowing. Come along on a profound adventure, uncovering ancient wisdom—the Creator’s Secrets of the universe, life, our interconnection to all things, and how to tap the unimaginable possibilities that lie within each one of us.

Unlock the secrets to life’s purpose, the fountain of youth, cure for illness, soulful relationships, and who are we at our very essence—infinity personified.

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