by Daniel Rechnitzer

“More than a book, a home study course to access limitless GENIUS!”

Creators Secrets Revealed!

Discover a treasure map to All Knowing. Come along on a profound adventure, uncovering ancient wisdom—the Creator’s Secrets of the universe, life, our interconnection to all things, and how to tap the unimaginable possibilities that lie within each one of us.

Unlock the secrets to life’s purpose, the fountain of youth, cure for illness, soulful relationships, and who are we at our very essence—infinity personified.


And The Truths That Will Set Your FREE

by Daniel Rechnitzer

It is the most powerful and life changing book on inner work I have ever read!  It could literally save the world and bring peace on earth!” 

– Dr Tahdi Blackstone-Sumner, Founder & Director Los Angeles Institute of Noetic Sciences Community (IONS~L.A.)

You Mind Is Lying To You,
You Are Not Who You Think You Are

Your mind is not what you believe it to be. It is not the source of your intelligence, but rather the hindrance to it. It is not your true identity but rather that which hides your True Self.  The MIND is not You, but rather an accumulation of beliefs that are simply that, just beliefs – and they’re running your life, or better said – ruining your life! Without you being aware of it, many of your beliefs are dictating and sabotaging your every decision, affecting your finances, your health, the quality of your relationships…everything!  It is your beliefs that are driving you away from happiness and fulfillment and toward more work, more stress, more sickness and more exhaustion.

So what’s the answer? It’s called Truth.Truth changes the chemistry in your brain, bringing about rapid healing in mind and body, transforming your life from what hurts into what works!Allow Daniel to take you beyond the mind, beyond your most destructive thoughts and beliefs, into the Truths That Will Set You Free! 

Natural Pain Free Birth

A Soul’s Journey To Earth

by Sonja Rechnitzer

“This truly is ‘beyond the mind’ parenting, a new frontier light years ahead of anything we have ever imagined to be possible, it’s profound parenting!”


Coming Soon To

Discover The Miracle Of A Soul Conversation With Your Child

From those wanting tips on how to improve birth and minimise pain, to those dedicated to creating a beautiful childbirth experience, everyone loves Little Oli’s simple words and warm-hearted encouragement. Best of all, and uniquely, this book is written from the perspective of the soul entering this world – the unborn baby. How is this possible? You’ll need to read and see, a journey that will leave you feeling more connected, amazed and empowered.

You’ll also enjoy the perspective of first-time mum Sonja, who recounts her experiences and gives advice on how to overcome the most “popular” pregnancy complaints. A must-read, already before conception, but definitely as soon as your pregnancy test comes back positive! Full of surprises and beautiful insights – you’ll cherish what you learn.

Universal Intelligence

The Power of The Universe Is In Your Hands!

by Daniel Rechnitzer

“True or False…You Decide”


Go On An Ancient Journey With The Three Beings of Light

What if the truth were stranger than fiction? What if the history of humanity’s evolution is somewhat different to what we had believed so far? In this grand adventure, you will be taken down the rabbit hole, examining a grand perspective, explaining our role and purpose here on Earth. You will be shown first-hand some tricks of the Universal trade, some ancient secrets that will open your mind to truth and clarity. Could this be a True story? You decide…