Ask The BIG Questions Teleconferences

Ask Daniel The Big Questions!
Answering The Unanswered

Talk directly with Daniel on this webinar to ask your biggest questions! Get answers from Universal Intelligence.

  • “How Do I Heal?”
  • “How Do I Become Financially Free?”
  • “What Is My Life Purpose?”
  • “How Do I Experience Deep Relationships?”
  • “Whats Holding Back My Business?”
  • “What Messages Do My Deceased Loved Ones Have For Me?”

Get Answers To The Questions That Matter Most In Your Life!

Be quick as each session is limited to 12 people to ensure everyone gets their questions answered.

“I am awestruck at your insight and wisdom.”

Prerequisite: None
Duration: >1.5 Hours


Dates & Locations:


USA Feb Sunday 25th 7pm PST
AUS Feb Mon 26th 1pm BNE

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How To Monetize Your Life Purpose Teleconference – With Sonja Rechnitzer

In this webinar, Sonja will be dispelling the myths around living your Life Purpose and what that means financially.

You will resonate deeply with the truths brought forward, helping you to unlock the deep-seated beliefs that hold you back at the subconscious level.

Sonja will clear the attendees’ limiting beliefs and fears, covering all areas around what stops you from monetizing your Life Purpose to be able to make money living your life purpose.

A must-attend for anyone seeking a deeper meaning of life, looking for abundance and fulfillment and ready to take the first step toward creating a more successful experience of life.

Duration: 1 Hour


Dates & Locations:


Recording available from June 20, 2017

Ui Training

Discover Your Life Purpose And Step Into Abundance

  • Still your mind, to stop the monkey-mind chatter
  • Clear away your ‘internal saboteur’
  • Infuse self-belief, to create from a pure space
  • Connect clearly with your Higher Self / Inner Wisdom for guidance, answers to all your questions, creativity and idea generation
  • Clear your self-limiting belief systems and childhood patterns that hold you back
  • Discover and delve deep into your life purpose
  • Explore the energy of your life purpose business
  • Create a variety of ways you can grow your life purpose business that resonate with you and are a joy to implement
  • Find within you the beingness to bring abundance into your life, allowing Universal flow to take you effortlessly forward, leaving behind struggle, doubt and societal belief systems

Where: Online
Prerequisites: None
Investment: $500 (normally $1,200)

Dates & Locations:



Online: March 6, 13 & 20, 9-11:30am (BNE, Australia time)
Online: March 5, 12 & 19 (3-5:30 Los Angeles, USA time)

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12 Life-Changing Realizations
12 Profound New Abilities

This is our Self Mastery program. Twenty years in the making, TWELVE brings you the biggest Ui breakthroughs and the most advanced personal development training in the world. This program is about connecting to your Truth to have you return to your infinite nature – where fulfillment, self-love, success and happiness are ever-present.

Duration: Live 5 Days or Online: 5 x 4hr live webinars
Prerequisites: None
Packages: Bundle with Ui MASTERY for a special price

Dates & Locations:

Live In Person:

Oct 16-20, 2017 – Noosa Heads, Australia
Apr 23-27, 2018 – Noosa Heads, Australia
Oct 15-19, 2018 – Noosa Heads, Australia

Live Online (Web Conference):

Jan 8-12, 2018
Jun 18-22, 2018

Go Beyond A Healer, Beyond A Coach
It’s The Help You’ve Always Wished You Could Give To Loved Ones Or Clients

  • Infinite Answers, Tap Into Your ‘Knowing’
  • Beyond Intuition
  • Get Results Fast
  • No More Hit And Miss
  • Access The Cause Of Illness
  • Transform MIND LIES Into Truth
  • Help Others Know Their Life Purpose
  • Go Beyond Psychology, NLP And Hypnosis
  • Be a Vessel of Truth
  • Help Adults, Children… Anyone, Anytime To Make A World Of Difference!
  • Be A Certified Ui Practitioner

Duration: Live: 5 Days, Online: 5 x 4 hour webinars
Prerequisites: TWELVE, The ALL KNOWING Diary and MIND LIES
Packages: Bundle with TWELVE for a special price

Dates & Locations:

Live In Person:

Oct 23-27, 2017 – Noosa Heads, Australia
Apr 30-May 4, 2018 – Noosa Heads, Australia
Oct 22-26, 2018 – Noosa Heads, Australia

Live Online (Web Conference):

Jan 15-19, 2018
Jun 25-29, 2018

Healing Mastery – Repair And Add DNA

The body reflects the mind. To heal the body, you must heal the mind!

But what many don’t yet know is our DNA is a mind unto itself, that over eons it has become polluted with MIND LIES (non truths). Your DNA is a programmable substance that can be healed, cleansed of non-truths and other impurities. This training offers you the ability to heal and prevent illness at the deepest level, for yourself and others.

This training gives you the most advanced tools – shown to Daniel during his explorations beyond the mind, that not only heal the body, but advance it to the next level of human evolution… the TWELVE-Strand DNA and beyond!

Duration: Live: 3 Days, Online: 3x4hr Sessions
Prerequisites: TWELVE & Ui MASTERY
Packages: Bundle with TWELVE & Ui MASTERY for a special price

Dates & Locations:

Live In Person:

Oct 30-Nov 1, 2017 – Noosa Heads, Australia

Jan 20-22, 2018 (FULL – contact us for waiting list)
Jul 2-4, 2018

50 Weekly Teleconferences With Daniel
The MIND LIES Journey Continues

We are taking you back to being a clean slate – less mind, ALL YOU. This transformational program operates deep at the subconscious level, healing Mind Lies into Truths. It requires simply listening and being present to the Truths Daniel brings to light.

Each week we will be exploring a different facet of your life – healing the countless needs, attachments and fears limiting who you are. We will delve deep, unveiling untapped truths about your real identity.

Healing your identity, one massive Truth at a time!

Duration: 50 Teleconferences, Weekly
Prerequisites: The’MIND LIES’ book

Dates & Locations:

50 weeks from Feb 15, 2017
Join In Anytime

There are two time slots to choose from

Option 1:
Wednesday 1pm BNE time AEST,  which is  Tuesday  7pm Los Angeles PST
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Option 2:
Wednesday  7pm BNE time AEST, which is Wednesday 9am London time
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