Mind-Lies-Daniel-Rechnitzer-771x1024Who Are You REALLY?

It’s Time You Knew The Truth…

Author: Daniel Rechnitzer

From The Author Of ‘The ALL KNOWING Diary’ Comes A Profound And Engaging Expose… of YOUR MIND!

Did you know that your sub-conscious belief systems are responsible for the life you are living? Your finances, your health, your relationships and why you react to certain circumstances are all a direct result of what you believe to be true.

[su_quote align=”center” class=”a_quote small_quote”]“Your Beliefs Are To You And Your Reality The Same As Software Is To A Computer. To Change The Life You Know, You Must Reprogram The Code!”[/su_quote]

So, what if some of your beliefs are not the truth? Are you sub-consciously creating a reality based on fictitious notions of your life? Are your belief systems steering you off-track and away from health, wealth and happiness, without you realizing it?

YES! Where there is hardship, stagnation, health problems or a lack of fulfillment in any area of life, there are MIND LIES.

So, what exactly are MIND LIES? They are beliefs about ourselves and our reality, that are not the truth.

Thankfully, over time, life shows up the truth about many of our MIND LIES. Some classics include: “The Earth is flat” and “Smoking isn’t bad for you.” But there are still many damaging MIND LIES lurking in the human psyche, causing havoc in our daily life. Some include: “I’m not respected”, “I’m not loved”, “I’m not deserving of success”, “Illness runs in my family”, “Money is more important than my health”, to “I’m not enough”.

MIND LIES dictate our state of being, our every decision and our every action, perpetuating hardship and lack of fulfillment. They are at the root of self-sabotage and dissatisfaction in life. They delay our success and worst of all, they block us from discovering our true identity – who we really are and what we are truly capable of.

With the help of Daniel’s new book, you get to see through these MIND LIES, dissolving them from the sub-conscious to awaken to the ultimate truth of who – and what – you really are!

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  • ~ New levels of self-love and a Super-Conscious connection
  • ~ Healing of old emotions and physical symptoms
  • ~ Rapid improvements to your reality and fulfillment levels
  • ~ A deep awakening to the sublime YOU


You Will Never Look At Yourself In The Same Way Again!


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