Natural Pain Free Birth

Author: Sonja Rechnitzer

Discover The Miracle Of A Soul Conversation With Your Child

From those wanting tips on how to improve birth and minimise pain, to those dedicated to creating a beautiful childbirth experience, everyone loves Little Oli’s simple words and warm-hearted encouragement. Best of all, and uniquely, this book is written from the perspective of the soul entering this world – the unborn baby. How is this possible? You’ll need to read and see, a journey that will leave you feeling more connected, amazed and empowered.

You’ll also enjoy the perspective of first-time mum Sonja, who recounts her experiences and gives advice on how to overcome the most “popular” pregnancy complaints. A must-read, already before conception, but definitely as soon as your pregnancy test comes back positive! Full of surprises and beautiful insights – you’ll cherish what you learn.

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