How Do I Heal Cancer?

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by Daniel Rechnitzer

Cancer is a Wake-Up Call, not a Death Sentence!

There is currently a strong belief held throughout society that there is no cure for Cancer. But just like the countless other beliefs throughout human history, we will soon look back on this one, surprised at how misguided we were, believing something as ludicrous as this.

From “The Earth Is Flat” to “Women Should Not Be Allowed To Vote” to “Smoking Isn’t Bad For You,” humanity has based their lives on what they – at the time – believed to be real. But those beliefs and the belief that “Cancer Has No Cure,” are just samples of the many beliefs that are nothing more than simply that… a belief.

The truth is, there is a cure for cancer – for all cancers – and it’s staring us in the face! But the medical profession, if current trajectories remain, won’t find it anytime soon. The reason being is that they don’t know where to look. They aren’t looking where the root cause of cancer actually exists. How is this possible?

Let’s expand our understanding of Human Anatomy and Physiology….

Our bodies are built to last, but there is one simple thing that brings them to their knees every time. It is simple; unfortunately, too simple, to have ever been considered as the starting point to healing cancer, or any other illness. Often, the more simple something is, the more readily it is overlooked.

Cancer is just a symptom in the body; and like all symptoms in the body, we are, in some way or another, responsible. It might sound like a cliché, it may even be confronting, but the answer really does lie within.

Let me explain….

Consider how we feel in our physical bodies when we emotionally feel hurt, resentful, fearful, heartbroken, angry, helpless, afraid, and so on. Do we feel healthy in these states of being? No. Not only do we not feel healthy, but the body responds in a very physical way: sweaty palms, dry mouth, stomach tension, increased heart rate, hair loss, weight loss, and so on. We have all experienced these reactions. Well, we need to connect the dots! These are physical reactions to short-term “emotions.” Imagine what would happen to the body, if you held on to some of these thoughts and feelings for months, years, or even longer. How would your body react to emotions experienced over your lifetime? “And what about kids?” I hear you ask. Well, for kids, it takes much less to affect their brand-new bodies. They have a much smaller threshold for being buffeted emotionally.

It’s who we believe ourselves to be; how we perceive our life situation; how we’ve been treated as, both, children and adults; that lie at the root cause of cancer (and many other illnesses).

Some of you may be thinking, “I don’t carry my thoughts and feelings over long periods of time; surely, I’d know about it, if I did!” And you probably would know about it, if those thoughts and feelings were occurring in your conscious mind. But the ones that do the most damage lay somewhere else. That’s right. They reside in your Subconscious Mind, where we store all our beliefs about ourselves and our life.

Let me expand….

Our body is a feedback mechanism that sends us messages, in order to stay healthy and alive. It alerts us with a sense of thirst, when it requires hydration. It alerts us with a sense of hunger, when it requires sustenance. For every need, the body has a method of communicating back to us, to give it what it requires now! Unfortunately, in primary school, we were never taught how the body communicates with us above and beyond the basics of thirst, hunger and fatigue. And so, many of us are raised ignorant of exactly how the body really communicates about what it really needs. Too many of the body’s needs are being ignored, which is why we become unhealthy. Until now!

Too simple? Too obvious? “Surely, someone would have discovered this, if it were this simple. If it were really true, I would have heard about it,” I hear you say. Once again, another false belief system makes its appearance.

The truth is, this understanding has existed as long as mankind has existed. The reason this information has not made it into mainstream understanding is exactly because it’s so simple. There is no sense of accomplishment in simplicity. There is a part of the human psyche that avoids simplicity because we like to plant our own flag, take credit for invention, hypotheses and elaborate experiments. How many times have you heard: “We’re working really hard on this one.”? Working hard being the prerequisite for achievement is just another belief. This way of being generates a lot of income for a lot of people. Well, the human body is simple. When it needs something, it tells us. Babies have been doing it since the moment they are born! Why would this innate survival function suddenly change as we mature?

Yes, it’s your thoughts at the subconscious level. The thoughts you have almost no conscious awareness of, as well as the beliefs about yourself and your life. The beliefs you would prefer to bury deep down inside, are the ones that cause all manner of symptoms (aka, illnesses and aging) in your body. Is it really that far-fetched a realization that short-term fears and anxieties cause short-term symptoms (such as, headaches, increased heart rate, and so on) while long-term emotions and beliefs cause long-term symptoms? How did they miss this in medical school?

Beliefs are everything! Our beliefs shape our reality – they determine the choices we make and the actions we take. But, more importantly, they show up in our bodies first. It’s our bodies’ way of bringing up the unconscious to the conscious, as a means of keeping us healthy and moving us forward. Compare this process to food poisoning, where your body instantly wants to take what’s within and expel it out of your system via vomiting it up. Cancer is simply the body attempting to bring your awareness to thoughts and beliefs that are toxic, in order to eradicate them from your system, as well. Furthermore, imagine what effect the subconscious belief that “there is no cure for cancer” has on the body’s healing process. Belief really is the key!

So how do we tap into the subconscious mind, if that is truly where the answer lies? We all have a sublime diagnostic machine. It’s called our brain. It has the capability to perceive the thoughts and beliefs that lay buried deep within. We call this Whole-Brain Intelligence; Accessing Ui (Unlimited Intelligence), as it draws on parts of our brain we have never been taught to use – ironically, the very same parts of the brain that contain all the answers!

Whole-Brain Intelligence is the key, opening up vast possibilities… and it’s available to all of us! It fine-tunes your brain into functioning like an antenna, picking up on thought frequencies you didn’t even know existed in yourself or even in others. Now you can pierce the depths of the subconscious mind, within minutes accessing the very root cause of illness. It’s all of our birthrights to experience this part of ourselves!

So why go outside the medical professionals? The ones you have turned to when your health was in jeopardy? The ones you have trusted your entire lives? Because they openly say they don’t have all the answers. They openly say, “We don’t know – disease is a mystery!” Why would you place your life solely in the hands of people who are upfront about not having a cure?

If you are interested in discovering what havoc your Subconscious Beliefs are playing on your health and wellbeing, it’s time to talk to us.  From that point on, you will be informed, able to move forward on your own, or with our further support.

Cancer is no death sentence, just the body’s way of saying: “There is something here that does not agree with me. Please get it out!”